G2 Pro

KugooKirin M4 has multiple shock absorption systems for comfortable riding. Multiple shock absorption systems bring sensitive and balanced operation, reducing bumps in the ride and
making the ride more comfortable.


KugooKirin G3 bionic form design, high appearance level performance, front and rear double arm, mimicy bionic, like a running cheetah, the whole car diamond section segmentation, compact and concise line, the pursuit of appearance level at the same time to achieve a better wind effect, the speed of high-power electric scooter aesthetic push to a new height.

S1 Pro

The wiring of Kugookirin S1 Pro is wrapped with aluminum glue, which bids farewell to the traditional messy wiring harness and makes the whole car look more concise. Lightweight and portable, the whole vehicle weighs only 13.5kg, and the 8-inch high-density solid honeycomb tire is puncture-proof and more wear-resistant. Foot-operated one-button folding, flexible and convenient. The LCD instrument monitors the status of the scooter in real time, and the front and rear double spring shock absorbers help you ride more comfortably during commuting.


KugooKirin S4 10 Inch high-elastic inflatable tires, obstacle easier, more stable riding,5cm high speed bump, light over without stopping; Potholes gravel road, filtering bumpy hand is not hemp, tread water break skid, wet road is not slippery, maximize your travel pleasure.