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Kugookirin IN Europe

In 2018, KugooKirin launched products in Europe, which are deeply loved by consumers. As of the end of 2020, the cumulative sales of KugooKirin smart travel tools have exceeded 1 million units.

At present, we have more than 100 distributors and sell our products all over Europe. We are expanding our footprint all over the world and becoming a global brand.

Why Kugookirin?

Our team of R&D professionals meticulously analyzes trends in consumer behavior to ensure that our products always meet the market demand. Once an idea for a product is identified, our highly skilled engineers use innovative methods to bring product conceptions to mass production.

In order to produce products of great quality, we follow strict quality control guidelines throughout the entire manufacturing process. We routinely perform raw material inspections, production inspections, and before-shipment product tests.

In order to help distributors around the world do better marketing, we provide free media resources for retailers and distribution partners. We have a professional camera team and copywriting team to save you the cost of media resources to the greatest extent. And we also provide localized marketing plans to retail and distribution partners around the world.

Our customer service agents are professional, reliable, and responsive to all types of after-sale inquiries.

We own a 5000m² factory which employs over 500 staff that are skilled in the production of high-performance electronics. In-house manufacturing allows us to better work with our retail and distribution partners to best customize our products for local markets.

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